Why buy an Original?

1. Respect
To buy an Original is to understand and respect the Designer in question. If you buy a copy none of the purchase price will go to the Designer who spent years of hard work and commitment in designing the piece. If you purchase an Original a percentage of the purchase price goes to the Designer or his/her chosen descendants if he or she has since died.

2. Investment
Genuine Designer furniture steadily increases in value over time. If the piece in question is a Limited Edition, such as the Anniversary Swan™ chair, or the Limited Edition Lounge Chair the rise in value is greater due to the fact that a limited number have been produced. As a result Original pieces are passed down through families and looked after with great care. Who would wish to pass on or inherit a copy? Authorised Originals are built to last for generations. You will be guaranteed to be able to repair your Original in years to come, as well as sourcing replacement parts for your beloved chair or table.

3. Pride
This may sound obvious but are you going to feel proud of of owning a copy Eames Lounge chair or fake Jacobsen Egg™ chair and displaying it in your home? Owning an Authorised Original will give you and yours many years of pleasure.

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