What is an Original?

In the design world a product is recognised as an Original firstly by its quality and workmanship being faithful to the Designer’s Original idea, including use of materials and dimensions. Secondly, that there is a continuous relationship either with the Designer or the designer’s successors. This means the Designer is protected just like an author or composer, and he or she is compensated financially in the form of a royalty each time one of the designs is sold. In addition the manufacturer is protected each time an Authorised Original is sold; this is to compensate for the investment in the product’s research and development and technical know-how. If you buy a copy, the manufacturer in question will at best pick and choose how much they imitate the original and of course the Designer won’t receive a penny. If you source your Original through us we will guarantee it will be an Authorised Original.

We have been working with the manufacturers for over ten years and have set up favourable supply arrangements. We are happy to pass on our knowledge to you.

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